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Royal Enfiled Guerrilla 450 to get semi-analogue display; will be priced aggressively

Royal Enfield, through teasers, has announced the launch date of the Guerrilla 450 and it will debut in Barcelona on July 17. Videos featuring former racer and Isle of Man TT superstar Guy Martin with the new motorcycle are circulating on social media. Despite the fast-paced reel with quick cuts, these videos give us a glimpse of what to expect from this motorcycle.


The teaser reveals that the upcoming Guerrilla 450 will have a semi-analog speedometer, likely similar to the one on the Super Meteor 650. Previously. This was uncertain earlier, but the recent teaser featuring Guy Martin did hint at something different as well. The footage shows Martin riding the motorcycle both on and off-road. The Guerrilla 450 may be able to handle some light rough-roading as well with the blocky tyres.

Display found on the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

Another noteworthy thing is the basic componentry compared to the Himalayan, hinting at Royal Enfield’s aim to maintain a competitive price point. It shares the same engine as the Himalayan 450 and is likely to produce similar figures of 40hp/40Nm, though there may be some differences in tuning.

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